Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What makes you BLUSH ?

Compliments ? Embarrassing moments ? Major crushes ? Any given thing can make a woman BLUSH. For me it was the first time my husband looked @ me after we both knew we were ' it '. And yet after almost 9 years together , he still manages to light me up with his smile , a smile stretched from ear to ear. What makes you blush ????

And now for some FUN , putting on the pretty , give yourself that ever so delicate or pretty pop of peach on your cheeks with MMC's Ms. Vegas Glam-O Cheeky Blush Palette priced @ $39.95. Whether you want to have that radiant soft glow or give yourself the kiss of the sun , then this is a palette for you. 6 Beautifully coordinated shades of pink and peach delivering a dose of realistic color. This will be available April 16th , 2010 @ .
Much Love and Success ,

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  1. I AM SOOOOOOO Into blush. It's all about the cheekbones and the sun-kissed glow. I am a huge fan of the Physician's Formula Shimmer Bricks (a cheaper alternative to Laura Mercier's Shimmer Quads. What makes me blush... when a hot stranger tells me my husband is a very very lucky man. ;)