Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give some good ol' fashion LOVE !!!!

Being in this beauty business for nearly 16 years , I have encountered some really beautiful people and I am not just talking about their outer beauti , I am talking about what lies in their innermost soul. I have also encountered some crazy insane people that like to throw around CRITIZISM like it's nothing.

Now I can handle some opinions and compliments , but when it comes down to the nitty gritty there is no need to make someone feel like they are beneathe you just to make yourself feel better , I feel that is beyond disgusting.

As a woman , a mommi of 4 , a wife , a daughter , a friend and being in the beauty industry I feel it's my job description to make us women look and feel good about themselves. Paying someone a compliment and livening up their spirits is FREE and oh , so good for the soul. Walk up to a complete stranger and tell them , ' Hey , love your shoes , your dress ,bag , lipstick ', whatever . Giving that tiniest gesture speaks miles. Nothing wrong with boosting your fellow woman's ego , I say go ahead give some good 'ol fashion LOVE.

Something to think about , ' Don't critize what you don't understand son , because you've never walked in that man's shoes. ' - Elvis Presley

Much Love and Success and You are all Oh, so Fabulous !!!!
xox - Ms.MMC - xox

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