Friday, April 23, 2010

Beauti Secret : Sexy Summer Skin

Winter skin making you cry Boo hoo ? Well , my dahlings I have the cure for you . Unfortunately , all the creams , lotions and potions that we used to keep our skin from feeling parched has probably left a few extra layers of dead skin cells that we would definitely not mind getting rid of. Am I right girls ? Do we not want to rock that sexy summer golden delicious skin this summer or what ?

I have always been a fan of deep treatment MUD Masque's , so I decided to create my own. MMC skin MultiMud Masque Treatment , it doubles as a scrub as well. Packaged in a 3oz glass jar and priced at $24.95 , you will definitely get your bang for your buck. This dual-action, almond seed based masque and scrub in one! Removes pore clogging impurities by exfoliating dead skin cells while promoting cellular turnover. Almond Seed Meal is a gentle exfoliant. Humectants help skin retain moisture. Dimethicone protects the skin against moisture loss.

This is perfect for all over , face and body. If you have sensitive skin I do not suggest to use this.
My suggestion to use this product , apply this on dry skin before you take a shower or wash your face . You can apply a thick or thin layer , depending on your preference and location . Leave on for at least 10 minutes or longer , with a warm washcloth remove mud off of your skin. and wala , you will have radiant , oh , so sexy soft skin. Be prepared to fall in love with this product.

Much love and success,

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