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Monday, August 16, 2010

La Femme Fatale Pro Palette a BEAUTY MUST with a CAUSE !!!!


What I have been dying to show you all , ahhhh MMC's La Femme Fatale Pro Palette - $55.00 , this season of pure glamour and sophistication , MMC's color collections echo the spirit and attitude of the runways.

STRONG & SEXY ...... ETHEREAL & MAGICAL .... in short ....Modern LUXURY !!!!

This fabulous palette includes 12 luxurious highly pigmented shadows that are fun and flirty that will shade , shape , define , highlight and line your beautiful eyes , 8 silky creme-e lipsticks that are lip pampering as well as  plumping and moisturizing and 4 glamorous blushes that will float over your skin leaving your cheeks radiantly aglow.

This palette is also very dear to my heart as 15 % of the proceeds will go to 


 (International Fibromyalgia Awareness 

This disease if one of which that extremely painful , one that comes clear out of left field without warning and one that has caused so many sleepless nights for a very dear friend of mine. It is so important to become aware and educate yourself on problems that can be affecting your friends and family , get on board and HELP get the word out. 


"  Help us make Fibromyalgia Visible!  "

Thank you in advance =)

MMC will be Launching this FAFA-Fabulous Palette August 29th , 2010 in honor of my Beloved Mother that had the same LOVE of Beauty and Fashion as I did. I thank you so for giving me the knowledge and the gift if never letting my dreams escape me , chase them and make them come true. I took a chance and here I am now , sharing my dream and vision with all of you beautiful creatures =)

Much Love and Success , 


VIVA La Mari !!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010 the goddess!

In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. It was believed that she hid in the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. Her image is shown as a young virgin dressed in white. Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should have possessed.

In beauty terminology, Veritas means true makeup. The virtue of feeling like a goddess comes from within and Veritas makeup allows you to bring out your inner beauty....your inner goddess!

Veritas, the greek goddess had the tendency to evade. She was hard to grasp or pursuit...which made her more desirable. 
The team at Veritas allows you to grasp all the magic behind their top quality skin care & highly pigmented cosmetics and experience the goddess' virtue.
I had the pleasure of working with Veritas Cosmetics along side founder and creator  Love Majewski and makeup artist Kelly Lucchese

Love is the visionary behind Veritas cosmetics.
Licensed Cosmetologist & Celebrity MakeUp Artist

Kelly is a National Make Up Artist who has graced the faces of numerous celebrities and also has had the privilege to work with renowned fashion designers.

They are a true pleasure to work with. Their vibrant personalities make a photo shoot go like a breeze!
Love brought their fabulous display to the studios making this makeup pro feel like a kid in a candy store.
Shades of Beauty (just part of the collection)
Love came in prepared with her sketches and handed me the "Eyes of Horus" look. I said to myself: "Great, I get to play hard!" It is always an exciting experience to try new products. Love felt so confident of the products she had created that she immediately encouraged me to TRY THEM ALL!!! And so I did...high pigmented eye shadows, mediterranean look bronzers, highlighters, eye brow kit, contour concealers, mineral powders.... Wow, what a thrill!

    Eyes of Horus by Mari for Veritas Cosmetics
For the "Eyes of Horus" look I used Veritas gel liners. The quality of this product blew me away! I usually use the back of my hand as my palette and after washing my hands with regular soap and water, I STILL had the liner tattooed on my skin. That eye liner is going nowhere unless you remove it with a great eye makeup remover. 
I was told to come to  this photo session without my kit. I felt naked. But going into the makeup room I immediately felt what Sex & the City, Carrie Bradshaw feels like going into her closet filled with designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Veritas HAS IT ALL...from a variety of brushes, eye lashes...every makeup galore! And let us NOT forget about their exclusive skin care line. The packaging is very edgy and modern.
I absolutely LOVED their skin primer. It glides through the skin ever so smoothly letting the skin be that fresh canvas a makeup artist needs to work their magic. Also allowing the makeup to endure the hot lights and the long hours at the photo session. That makeup was ON and it looked flawless!!! 
As I was recreating the "Eyes of Horus" look, Love and Kelly were also working on other fabulous looks for the shoot. Love was very excited to share with me how her years of experience as a makeup artist inspired her to create a line that would have EVERYTHING she ever wanted in a product to create  the perfect look. I was able to relate to that immediately. I am always mixing colors and formulations to create the right hue or the consistency I need for a specific look. No matter the top quality of products you might be using, there's always that notion "This would work better if ..." Love's years of experience in the industry allowed her to try almost every product in the market, having worked with prestigious brands.  She put all her thoughts on paper and allow her dreams to marinate. Seeing her vision become a reality is not only a dream come true for Love but also for other makeup artists as myself who are always in the search of better cosmetics.
Geisha Look by LOVE for Veritas
Working with the Veritas team at Roller Coaster Studios was a thrill, an invigorating ride. Love had an entourage of publicist, wardrobe stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, models, photographers and the BEST energy a group of artists could have, all under one roof!

I highly recommend you to try Veritas Cosmetics, whether you are a Pro or just a makeup lover, a diva, a makeup connoisseur or aficionado....this line is for everyone that's looking for the "verita" (truth in latin) Top notch products! Te digo la verdad ...that's "I'm telling the truth" in Spanish.  For more information on where to find Veritas Cosmetics or for retail inquiries, you may visit their website at

Stylista Enterprises will be using Veritas Cosmetics on our next photo shoot. We will be bringing you all the behind the scenes action with a special review by one of our makeup artists and products demonstration tutorial. 

Photo: Sidney Etienne
Model: Audra Van Hees @ Choice
MUA & Hair: Suzanna Hallili
Styling: Theo Hanson
Cosmetics: Veritas

Peace,Love & Lipstick