Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stylista Enterprises welcomes Zulay Shinn

We are thrilled to have Zulay Shinn, a very creative artist join our team of stylists. Zulay's fun personality is just like her makeup technique...colorful, cheerful, fresh and oh so glam!

Her innate talent is evident in every face she graces with her incredible ability to blend colors to create a whole new spectrum of unique hues, customized specifically for her clients.

At Stylista Enterprises, we understand that every face is different, therefore makeup application must be customized to fit their unique features. No standard, generic makeup technique will be seen in our work. Zulay understands and follows our vision, which makes her the perfect candidate for our team of experts.

We are proud of having Zulay with us and can't wait to share with you some of her work!
Feel free to post your comments and/or questions for her.

Welcome to our team, Zulay...let's play makeup!


  1. Congratulation Zulay, stylista enterprises is very lucky to have you and will be very happy with your work. I've seen what you have done and it's flawless and oh so beautiful. xoxo Suzy V.

  2. Congrats Zulay!! You are simply the BEST make-up artist around! Whenever you do my make-up its flawless and lasts and lasts! That's always been a problem for me but when you do it, it lasts! Stylista will benefit greatly from your natural abilities and expertise! Luv ya girl! XOXO Jen

  3. I love your picture Zulay and everything written about you is so true!!!!


  4. I love Zulay's work. She is an amazing make-up artist.

  5. Zulay was my make-up artist for my wedding which was 2 weeks ago and I thought she did an excellent job! My make-up looked amazing and I received so many compliments! I was happy that I took her up on her recommendation for the false eyelashes :)They added such an elegant touch. I would recommend Zulay to anyone who needs a make-up artist for any special occasion...proms, weddings, parties, etc. She was great!!