Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flawless Skin

As a makeup artist, I'm always searching for new formulations that will give me that flawless look; but also one that will last for hours. Recently, I came across Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Foundation. I loved how it doesn't feel or look heavy on the skin but yet it gives me a great full coverage. It is also, fragrance free and oil free, which means it will not clog your pores and will give you a shine free look.

SuperStay™ 24HR Makeup Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and No Transfer,
it withstands heat, sweat and humidity; which makes it my #1 choice foundation for bridal makeup. It is suitable for all skin types. If your skin is dry, I recommend you moisturize before applying the foundation. You may use a foundation brush for application, but I prefer to use the fingertips, as it is easier to blend, without leaving any streaks.

As I continued with my search...I came across a new foundation by Revlon that stole my heart. My signature look is bare, soft, flawless looking skin or as they call it in the industry: "Beauty MakeUp". I play with different formulas and usually make my own formulations, mixing different foundations to create the exact coverage that will work best for my client. Most importantly, I look for a foundation with full coverage but with a very light consistency. I usually have to set it with mineral powders to add that extra soft look and luminescence to the skin.

When I tried Revlon's new Photo Ready Formula (pictured above), it was a dream come true. No longer do I have to play with my foundations to try to get that perfect, light weight coverage. This foundation is by far the best out there in the market for a wonderful, flawless, soft, natural look. It also photographs amazing! It gives you that radiance, and natural glow of healthy skin.

I recommend you use a sponge or fingertips when applying this foundation.

These are my favorite foundations and I'm sure they will be yours too...give them a try!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!!!

You are probably all packed and ready to go! If not, you might just want to take a look at the latest bikini trends for the season, whether is for this upcoming week or for the summer, these are hottest top 5 swimwear trends you'll be seeing at the beach this year:

Trend #1 is graphic prints. We've seen popular graphic prints in clothing for a couple of years, but 2010 is shaping up to be the year that graphic prints really become huge for swimwear. Whether it's a one-piece swimsuit, bikini, or cover up, graphic prints are in the swim for 2010.
Trend #2 is cutouts. Some of the swimwear for 2010 is full of holes--literally. Balancing cutouts has been popular in the past, but a lot of 2010 swimwear features more asymmetry so that the holes may sometimes only be on one side of the swimsuit, or there may be more cutouts on one side than the other.
Trend #3 is one-shoulder styling. One-shoulder styling has been a popular trend for dresses and tops for a couple of years, and now swimwear trends reflect this asymmetrical design too. We're seeing one-shoulder styling on both one-piece swimsuits and bikinis as well as on swimwear cover ups.
Trend #4 is bandeau bikini tops. This swimwear trend for 2010 offers a shoulder-baring alternative to the more traditional bikini tops for 2010. Designers showed bandeau bikini tops in styles ranging from those that are little more than stretchy bands to bandeau tops with under wires and a great deal of support.
Trend #5 is vests. This swimwear trend for 2010 appeals to the playful fashion sensibility. Vests as bikini tops are unexpected, but just plain fashion fun. Make a bikini vest versatile by combining it with a tiny bikini bottom (as the one from True Religion, pictured above) Dress it up with a skirtini, or go casual with boy shorts. Great for those who want to wear a two-piece but have a bit more midriff coverage, vests can be worn by petites because the back waist length that's so frequently too long on regular tops and dresses isn't much of an issue with the abbreviated vests.
I'd say this season, it's all about a color riot! 2010 would be an excellent time to break away from the dark neutrals and enjoy a color splash at the beach.
Have fun Spring Breakers!

Spreading the Word...

These bracelets are each handcrafted by Staci Matthews, a Fibromyalgia patient. The bracelets come in a variety of sizes, and feature sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, garnet gemstones and fresh water pearls. Each bracelet is highlighted with a sterling silver butterfly charm (the symbol of the NFA) and a sterling silver awareness ribbon.

Staci designed and created this bracelet to remind her that even in her daily frustrations with fibromyalgia she is still a beautiful and very capable person. All survivors of fibromyalgia are.

Staci explains that, “The colors for Fibromyalgia are pink and crimson. The pink represents women affected by Fibromyalgia and crimson represents the chronic pain they endure. I added a white pearl to represent faith.”
If you know someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and would like to buy one of these as a gift, or to learn more about this condition, please visit
Spread the you care

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Hair Trends...Bad Hair Day Inspired?

The new trend for the season seems to be a blessing in disguise to those who complain of their hair getting all frizzy on a rainy day. Bring on the April showers. No more bad hair day...messy, fussy, hair is in!

A simple pony tail, a bun, that doesn't look to fussed over. The idea is all about waking up and looking fabulous. I'm talking about Bed Hair Gone Wild!

So go ahead, relax and let your hair be frizzy. Put it up loosely with pins, add layers, tease it, have fun with it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here!

I think I'm having Spring fever! And so do all makeup companies. I'm excited about the introduction of Spring 2010 makeup collections. I'm done with having the winter blues, with all of the snow, rain and cold weather. So why not pick yourself up with a little early spring color or fragrance?
Here are a some of the makeup lines that have already released (or will be releasing very soon) their spring 2010 collections:

  • Bobbi Brown Cabana Corals Collection

  • Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

  • Clarins Cotton Flower Collection
  • Clinique Juiced Up Color Collection

  • Dior Boudoir Look Collection

  • Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood Color Collection

  • Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono Collection

  • Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection

  • Lancome O My Rose Collection

  • Laura Mercier for Spring Collection

  • MAC in Lillyland Collection

  • Maybelline Eyes Studios for Spring

  • Nars for Spring Collection

  • shu uemura Egerie Collection

  • Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection

  • Stila for Spring Collection

  • Too Faced for Spring Collection

  • YSL Spring Look

There are way more than that out there, but these are the ones that I am aware of right now. As always, in the coming weeks I will be trying to put together information on some of these spring collections so you know what to expect and what to put on you must-have list for spring. So check back frequently for updates on spring 2010 makeup colors, and feel free to share here any that you may now of.

Beautifully yours,


My best pick for Mascara!

All cosmetic companies believe their mascara is the best one on the market, but which ones actually are the best?

As a makeup artist for over 14 years, I have tried them all. I've represented different labels such as MAC, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome and Benefit Cosmetics. But recently, I discovered a mascara that blew me away!!! Absolutely love the new...

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
Cover Girl LashBlast is a great newer top mascara steal. The mascara wand is loaded with bristles that seem to wrap around every single eyelash on your eye. Not only does it boost your lashes, but it's also clump-free, smudge proof, and very easy to apply. The bonus? It washes off easily, so you don't have to rummage through your makeup cabinet for your eye makeup remover. Available in four colors, as well as a new waterproof formula.

Waterproof mascara is great for Wedding day, no tears of joy will spoil your makeup! And also, it's my best friend when I want to look great at the beach.

I LOVE this works magic for me! My clients are impressed by the way their lashes look. You could even skip the false's that good!

For those who rather splurge...then I recommend the new Lancome Definicils. It does everything you would ever want your mascara to do, including staying in place and not flaking. Lancome Definicils is so good, even the little mini-tubes you receive as a sample are wonderful. The patented wand actually coats every single lash on your eye from root to tip, so be prepared to tell strangers that they actually are your real lashes. Available in five colors to suit everyone's needs.

Remember to always be gentle when handling your eyes. Remove mascara with a remover designed for senstive eyes. My favorite is Lancome's Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.

Feel free to leave comments and/or questions!

Beautifully yours,
Stylista Enterprises

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stylista Enterprises MakeUp Workshops

How would you like to learn to apply your makeup like a pro? When I am assigned to freelance for a makeup label, I always like to describe each product that I am using and its benefits as I apply them. I explain the colors that work best, the formulation (matte, moisturizing, oil-free, etc.) that better suits their skin type. The goal is to educate clients so they leave feeling confident that they will be able to recreate the look themselves. I am constantly approached by my clients with the same statement..."I'd love to learn how to do my makeup!"

As a result, and after giving it a lot of thought and preparation, I've put together a makeup workshop that is both fun and informative. Next time you shop for make-up whether at a drug store or at a department store or specialty shop, you'll be armed with the knowledge of what works best for you.

Our Vision is simple - to empower millions of women to love themselves and feel beautiful!
The Stylista Beauty Workshop opportunity is one where every woman can learn basic makeup application techniques that they could easily implement to their morning routines or to simply get glam for a party!

The workshop consists of the following:

  • Skin and Bone Structure - Learn which products better suit your skin type and techniques that will enhance your features.

  • Color Wheel- Learn color schematics and how they can compliment your skin, eyes and hair color.

  • Basic Application - Learn basic day to night makeup application techniques. Also customized tips and tricks to achieve a flawless look.

  • Interactive Makeup Role Playing - Let's play makeup!

  • Makeup Bag Clean up - Time to toss away those products that don't work, keep those that do and add those that will make you prettier!

  • Games and complimentary gifts for participants

We are certain that after you experience the workshop you will leave with a new found confidence. You'll never purchase makeup the same way again. You'll be eager to go home and try all the new tricks! Everyone will notice the difference...and so will you.

Gather all your friends and host your first Stylista Beauty Workshop. The workshop Hostess will receive a complimentary hair and makeup makeover valid for up to one year.
Stylista Enterprises is available for bachelorette parties, girls' night-in create your own theme!

We always use the most innovative products created with leading edge technology. We stay ahead of the trends and apply the most current techniques to give you a look that will surpass your expectations.

We are committed to deliver our best to our clients so they look and feel their best.
Please contact us for more information about how to host your Stylista Beauty Workshop. *Bookings in advance are recommended.
Let's play makeup!

Renowned Hairstylist joins Stylista Enterprises Team

Stylista is proud to announce the alliance with one of the most requested stylists in Puerto Rico. Ana Luz, a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner with over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry has signed in with Stylista to add her expertise and creativity to our projects. Ana Luz has been awarded for her unique style and fabulous hair designs and we are proud to have her join our team of artists.

We will soon display images of her work.

Welcome Ana Luz!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stylista Professional Makeup & Hair Designs

This blog is currently under construction. We will share all the exciting backstage make-overs for editorial work, modeling shoots and special events.
We will also feature our makeup workshops and show you how you can host your own Glam Party!

We thank you for your patience as we prepare for you a site that you would want to visit every day!

Beautifully yours,
Stylista Enterprises

We do Weddings!!!

At Stylista Enterprises, we know how you've dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl...and we would like this day to be as memorable as it could be. Let us pamper you on your special day and give you the Diva treatment you deserve. There's nothing that can compare to the convenience of having the stylist come to the comfort of your home or your suite.

It eliminates the added stress and it makes you feel extra especial, like you should, after is YOUR day!

Please contact us for more information about our wedding party packages. Share with us your wedding ideas...we would be delighted to be chosen to be part of such a special day of your life!