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Aesthetics -- Looking Good on the Outside; Skin an 'Organ' - Nothing like Mother Nature | Forums at Lumigrate

Aesthetics -- Looking Good on the Outside; Skin an 'Organ' - Nothing like Mother Nature | Forums at Lumigrate

Nothing like Mother Nature.

Isn't it contradictory that all these great "Vitamin infused" shampoos that are supposed to make your hair so silky and smooth are all made of synthetic ingredients that with everyday use eventually will damage your hair? Natural hair care products are wonderfully safe and effective to use for your hair. Organic hair shampoos, conditioners, leave on balms and other hair care products that contain plant-derived ingredients from nature provide the best care for your hair without fear of allergies or irritations to your scalp because these products are mild and hypoallergenic. Coconut oil, for example, is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals and so using a hair product with coconut oil will surely amp your hair’s strength and vitality. Many organic hair products contain aloe vera, Shea butter and other plant-based extracts. These ingredients have different effects and benefits and so you can choose the product to use for your specific hair concern.

Most cosmetic products contain a diverse collection of chemicals with varying levels of toxicity. You won't notice most of them. They'll be absorbed into your body silently. Some of the most common chemicals include coal tar (a known carcinogen), diethanolamine (disrupts the hormones), lead and mercury. That's merely a small sample. These chemicals are included in most cosmetics under the facade of making you look attractive. In truth, they can gradually strip the skin before being absorbed into your body.

While being exposed once to these chemicals won't harm you, most of us use our cosmetics every day. The daily barrage of compounds causes a build-up in your body. By contrast, using organic cosmetics doesn't leave you vulnerable to the carcinogens, toxins and nanoparticles in conventional products. That means they won't be absorbed into your body.

It's also better for the environment. Think of a car battery. Consider all of the chemicals in that battery. When the battery outlives its useful life, it's unlawful to discard it into the trash. The reason is because the chemicals aren't biodegradable. That is, the environment can't absorb them harmlessly. Many of the chemicals in traditional cosmetics are similar. You may be able to throw old cosmetics in the garbage, but they're still harmful to the environment. Organic cosmetics lack these chemicals. Using them is easier on the environment because they contain ingredients that are biodegradable.

Because the term "organic" attracts so many people, savvy advertisers slap the term on many products that don't deserve credit. So, when you're shopping for your organic cosmetics, take a few moments and look at the list of ingredients. Make sure they're certifiably organic. The process through which the cosmetics were created should be explained on the packaging. Read it. There's little reason for true organic cosmetic products to contain preservatives, harmful emollients, or colorants. Keep your eyes open so you'll know exactly what you're buying.

I am currently doing an extensive research on organic the search of a company that perhaps would love to sponsor me and help me spread the word about the importance of being our own health advocates and watch what we put into our bodies and how it affects us in the long run. Although there are so many different theories as to what causes fibromyalgia and similar chronic illnesses and the real cause is yet to be known; I wouldn't doubt that my exposure to these chemicals and years of abuse of these products could've easily contributed to my health situation.

Our bodies can handle plenty of abuse. But, that shouldn't be an excuse for introducing hundreds of harmful chemicals into our system needlessly. These chemicals may not have an immediate health impact. But, over time, our daily usage of conventional cosmetics can assault our bodies with foreign compounds. These compounds will have an aggregate effect. After years of allowing these chemicals access to our bodies, there will be an adverse impact.

If I already changed my diet, wouldn't it be logical to also change the products I use to help my body get rid of all the toxins?

Whatever happened to the good old days when our grandmothers use to make their own concoctions, nice home-made beauty treatments. Over the years, I've compiled a list of beauty tips from around the world:

Puerto Rico (where I'm from)- Women add fresh minced garlic into clear nail polish to strengthen their nails and help them grow.

Dominican Republic: To nourish their hair, the women use avocado to prepare different body, hair and face masks. Cut the avocado in half, remove the soft part and rub it in your hair. After one hour rinse the hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner. They also use coconut oil to soften curls.

Spain: The Spaniard women use olive oil to prepare different face and body masks. For example: before a manicure dip your fingers in a bowl of headed olive oil fresh lemon juice. Your cuticles will soften and it will be easier for you to shape the nails. They also use olive oil in their hair as a moisturizing conditioning treatment.

Japan: The Japanese prepare their food with seaweed, rice and soya germs. The women believe that these foods keep their skin healthy and good looking.

England: Preserve the tea-bag after use. Put it in the fridge and when you feel that your eyes are irritated, apply the tea-bags to your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Portugal: if you want your hair to achieve saturated brown tone you should use vinegar. The recipe is simple: add three table spoons vinegar to 200g. water and rinse your hair. Or you could spritz cranberry juice on your hair before going to the beach. It will bring out natural caramel highlights on brunettes. You might want to stay away from it if you are blonde, unless you want your hair pink. Blonde hair, spray lemon juice for amazing sun-kissed highlights!

Italy: Women use olive oil to nourish the eyelashes. A basil leaf applied to the teeth during the night is believed to whiten the teeth.

I have heard so many others that I don't remember which country do they originate from, and I always recommend them to my clients; like mixing oatmeal with honey to create a paste. It's an excellent exfolliant for sensitive skin. It is also soothing and moisturizing. For oily skin, try mixing sugar, honey and lemon. It will get rid of all dead skin cells and hydrate your skin without adding extra oil. You will find your pores will appear smaller after you exfolliate with it.

Another advice my mother shared with me when I was young, was to never go to bed with makeup.I think we all have heard of that one before! But my mother's twist to it was to keep tissues by my nightstand and a bottle of Witch Hazel or "Agua Maravilla" (in spanish). She advised that if I was too tired to wash my face, then I should saturate the tissue in Witch Hazel to remove my makeup while in bed. It leaves your skin clean and fresh. It is the best toner you will find!

Also, blend together a mango and a sweet potato. This natural facial masque is believed to be an excellent rejuvenating treatment. Sweet Potatoes are known for its anti-inflammatory properties and the mango is a great anti-oxidant, leaves your skin radiant and supple. It relieves clogged pores. When consumed, mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A (beta-carotene), E and Selenium which help to protect against heart disease and other ailments.

Mangoes have to be by far one of my favorite fruits. Growing up my grandparents had mango tree on their farm. I will pick the juiciest, sweetest mango without knowing of its benefits...just for the delicious taste! Growing up in a tropical Island allowed me to try all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables that now are so hard to find here in the United States. A visit to the farmer's market to me is kind of like a trip to my childhood...with a huge smile on my face, reminiscing of the good old days, when everything was a lot simpler. When sucking the sweetness out of sugar cane, eating a mango,or picking the seeds off the passion fruit...while enjoying the tropical breeze under a tree was my entertainment.

Ahhh like I said...nothing like mother nature!