Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Prom Season...OMG!

Isn't it exciting?! This is your time to get all glam and wear that red carpet look to your prom.
What do I wear, which hairstyle is "in" and what about my makeup?? All these need to get all fussed over about! Throughout these months, we will be posting articles every day with fashion, hair and makeup ideas for you to stand out on your prom night.

Makeup counters all over the states are now booked with girls hoping to get that perfect look that will make a night to remember.
Many of you might know exactly how you would like to look on prom night...or some of you don't have the slightest idea.
As an expert, the best advice I can give you is to be YOU. One of the common denominators I see as a result of getting your makeup done in one of these makeup counters, is ONE look for ALL faces. Every girl comes out looking the same and sometimes they come out very unhappy much so,that they even end up washing off their faces when they go home.
As a freelance makeup artist, I am reminded every time I am assigned to work for a makeup label at a department store, of their main goal - to SELL. You have 30 minutes at most to try to use as many products as you can and finish the makeover with a minimum sale of $50.00, no less and most of the time you end up buying more products and spending more. And you might think: "Ha! That's a great deal, they put my makeup on AND I leave with products". Sure, that is great! But not for a special occasion like your prom. I believe getting your makeup done at a makeup counter is a lot of fun, but it is something you could do when you feel like spending all day at the mall with your girls, play makeup and go home with new goodies.
If you want to look your absolute best on prom night and really make an impression, you need to book an appointment with an expert. This is where Stylista Enterprises comes in. Not only do you get the comfort of having the stylist come to you and feel like a diva, but you will have guaranteed personalized service by a professional. Wouldn't you love to look like a celebrity? Then get the celebrity treatment!
Stylista Enterprises have a team of licensed cosmetologists and experts in the beauty industry with a vast portfolio. You will be surprised of how convenient it is to have the stylist come to you and most of all, you'll be amazed of the difference it makes to have your makeup done by a professional.
But this sounds kind of expensive, you might say! Absolutely not...when you compare its benefits and how fabulous you will look, you will find it is actually pretty affordable. It is so worth it!

For inquiries and/or bookings, please leave us a message.  We also offer affordable packages for groups of 6 or more. So gather up your friends and get ready for your prom night together!

Visit us daily, as we would be posting tips and 2010 trends for prom this season.

Beautifully yours,
Stylista Enterprises

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