Monday, May 17, 2010

Let Him Kiss it Off you LipGloss

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MMC's delicously sweet, french vanilla scented high shine gloss offers lasting,a lacquer-like shine with a delicious taste in the sexiest, most flattering shades. Enriched with antioxidants Vitamins C and E. It was formulated to give extreme shine with a stay put application slightly tacky ( not gooey ) therefore longlasting.

Paraben Free with Vitamin E added. MMC's Gloss Ware lipgloss stays on longer than any other lipgloss and retains it's color so is great for bridal and special event make-up. So pucker up ladies , get that pout all glossified and let him kiss it off of you .....

Pictured above : MMC Let Him Kiss it Off  GlossWare in Girl Stuff - $13.95

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Fabulous Parties!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Party to a New You!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Beauty Tips from Around the World

Inspired by Mother's Day, I have put together a list of  beauty tips that have been passed on from mothers to daughters all over the world....and they are as good as they are timeless!

Puerto Rico (where I'm from)- Women add fresh minced garlic in clear nail polish to strengthen their nails and help them grow.

Dominican Republic: to nourish their hair, the women use avocado to prepare different body, hair and face masks. Cut the avocado in half, remove the soft part and rub it in your hair. After one hour rinse the hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner. They also use coconut oil to soften curls.

Spain: The Spaniard women use olive oil to prepare different face and body masks. For example: before a manicure dip your fingers in a bowl of headed olive oil fresh lemon juice. Your cuticles will soften and it will be easier for you to shape the nails. They also use olive oil in their hair as a moisturizing conditioning treatment.

Japan: the Japanese prepare their food with seaweed, rice and soya germs. The women believe that these foods keep their skin healthy and good looking.

England: preserve the tea-bag after use. Put it in the fridge and when you feel that your eyes are irritated, apply the tea-bags to your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Portugal: if you want your hair to achieve saturated brown tone you should use vinegar. The recipe is simple: add three table spoons vinegar to 200g. water and rinse your hair. Or you could spritz cranberry juice on your hair before going to the beach. It will bring out natural caramel highlights on brunettes. You might want to stay away from it if you are blonde, unless you want your hair pink. Spray lemon juice for amazing sun-kissed highlights!

Italy: they use olive oil to nourish the eyelashes. A basil leaf applied to the teeth during the night is believed to whiten the teeth.

I have heard so many others that I don't remember which country do they originate from, and I always recommend them to my clients; like mixing oatmeal with honey to create a paste. It's an excellent exfolliant for sensitive skin. It is also soothing and moisturizing.  For oily skin, try mixing sugar, honey and lemon. It will get rid of all dead skin cells and hydrate your skin without adding extra oil. You will find your pores will appear smaller after you exfolliate with it.

Another advice my mother shared with me when I was young, was to never go to bed with makeup. I think we all have heard of that one before! But my mother's twist to it was to keep tissues by my nightstand and a bottle of Witch Hazel or "Agua Maravilla" (in spanish). She advised that if I was too tired to wash my face, then saturate the tissue in Witch Hazel to remove my makeup while in bed. It leaves your skin clean and fresh. It is the best toner you will find!

I also heard for the first time, here in the United States, that if you apply Preparation H around your eyes, it helps to get rid of the bags under your eyes and it's great to prevent wrinkles. Hahaha! Let's not even go there!

What is your beauty tip?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sweetest Thing!

I LOVE sweets. They are my weakness. Especially chocolate! Any reason to celebrate will always be accompanied by some kind of sweet and a bubbly. It's an instant upper. I like to always have a candy table when hosting a party. I find it fun, colorful and oh so inviting. My guests immediately are drawn to it in a very playful kids in a candy store!
There are tons of ways in which you could use candies as your centerpiece and make a statement that will sure leave your guests talking about your party. I personally have been inspired by Amy Atlas, from Amy Atlas Events in New York

She creates amazing sweets displays that I just adore! Her unique style makes her stand out from the rest. She uses a color theme for each design and transforms an ordinary table into a yummy work of art.
Mini cupcakes, taffies, cookies, jelly beans, m&m's, rock candies, truffles...all take centerstage, masterfully arranged and displayed in gorgeous crystal bases and tiers. All strategically placed to be decorative but also to tease your sweet tooth.
These sweets displays are the newest craze. Celebrities are throwing their kid's birthday parties, baby showers, bachellorette parties, weddings and just about any social event following this trend.

Here I am enjoying one of the mini cupcakes (deelish!) from Amy Atlas' creation at the 15th Anniversary of Martha Stewart Weddings. The theme for this event held at The Plaza in NYC, was pink and gold. Absolutely stunning!
Next time you're having a party, have fun creating a sweets's the sweetest thing!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A work of Art!

Makeup Tips for Spring/Summer

Your Canvas

  • Start by refreshing your skin with a light, oil free moisturizer -the purpose is to hydrate your skin. Quench your skin thirst by spritzing it with MAC charge water. It will revive you with its fresh scent prepare your skin for makeup.
  • To even tone your skin, go with a water based foundation for a sheer application (my favorite is MAC Face & Body Foundation)-try mixing your concealer and liquid or cream foundation with moisturizer, or use a tinted moisturizer. Remember, it's much easier to add than to take away and the goal here is clean, even-toned, natural-looking skin, so you want as much of your skin to show through as possible. Only add what you need to to the places you need to.
  • To minimize the natural shine of your skin, try using mineral loose powder applied with a brush (not pressed powder with a sponge applicator) to set the makeup.
Your Frame

  • Groom your brows. Any waxing, trimming and tweezing should be done before you start your make-up application.  Comb them and fill them in as you usually do, but remember to keep them looking soft and natural - no harsh, heavy lines. I feel eye shadows work better than pencils. Using an eyebrow brush (or clean mascara wand) will soften the look. Finish with clear mascara to set them in place.  
  • Now for cheeks.  Use a bright color in a coral or pink tone and don't be afraid! You won't look like a clown if you apply the product sparingly and use a good quality sheer product. Cream and liquid blushes look the most natural, but if your skin is dry you'll want to mix the blush with moisturizer so it applies evenly. If your skin is oily, stick to powder blushes. Use a large brush, one you'd normally use to apply loose power is ideal. For cream, you can use a brush but I recommend to use your fingertips for an easier application.  To apply, locate the apples of your cheeks (the fleshy part of your cheeks when you smile) and gently (GENTLY) apply the blush in a small swirling motion, sweeping slightly up onto your cheekbones towards your temples.
  • Adding highlights to your face is key for a fresh, youthful, gorgeous look - bringing light to your face and making you look healthier. For this you can use a highlighter in powder, cream or liquid form as long as it's sheer and shimmery. The places to accentuate are the brow bone, the upper cheekbone and the inside of the eyes. Using your fingers or a small eyeshadow brush, apply the highlighter under the brow blending down towards the crease and across towards the nose and the hairline. Dabbing a small amount of highlighter on the inside corner of the eye will open them up, making them look bigger and more wide-awake. Finally, apply some of the highlighter across the top of your cheekbone, blending it down into the blush and up into the eye area.
Your Focus

  • Your Eyes! The simplest way to accentuate your eyes is to apply a sheer, shimmery, flesh tone color from your lash line to the crease and blend it out. Stick with soft beiges and pinks for a very natural look. Smudge pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow along your upper lash line, blending into the lashes as much as possible. You can use dark brown instead of black for a more natural look. To really accentuate your eye color try using a little color layered over top. Copper for blue eyes, warm red-browns for green eyes, deep purples for green eyes and gold for hazel eyes. Remember to keep it as subtle as possible for this look - a little colour goes a long way!
  • Curling your lashes is one of the easiest things to do to make your eyes look bigger and yourself more awake and younger. So curl your lashes making sure to make the curl look as natural as possible. Now apply mascara as you normally would, combing in between each layer until you've reached the desired effect. Key to this look is a very soft, natural looking eye so don't overdo the mascara! (look for our blog on our favorite Mascara)
  • Your lips! The easiest way to make your face really pop is with your lip color and for spring and summer the only way to do it is with lip gloss. Choose one that suits your skin tone but don't be afraid of bold colors - like your blush, it's all in the application. Think juicy and go for soft reds, corals, pinks or oranges. But think sheer too - you want your lips to show through. Forgo any pencil or lipstick, all you need is a good bright gloss. To intensify your lip color, try using a lip stain, or a very light application of a similar-toned lipstick underneath the gloss.
You are ready to go!

You may write to our stylists at and they will personally answer all your beauty questions.