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Aesthetics -- Looking Good on the Outside; Skin an 'Organ' - Nothing like Mother Nature | Forums at Lumigrate

Aesthetics -- Looking Good on the Outside; Skin an 'Organ' - Nothing like Mother Nature | Forums at Lumigrate

Nothing like Mother Nature.

Isn't it contradictory that all these great "Vitamin infused" shampoos that are supposed to make your hair so silky and smooth are all made of synthetic ingredients that with everyday use eventually will damage your hair? Natural hair care products are wonderfully safe and effective to use for your hair. Organic hair shampoos, conditioners, leave on balms and other hair care products that contain plant-derived ingredients from nature provide the best care for your hair without fear of allergies or irritations to your scalp because these products are mild and hypoallergenic. Coconut oil, for example, is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals and so using a hair product with coconut oil will surely amp your hair’s strength and vitality. Many organic hair products contain aloe vera, Shea butter and other plant-based extracts. These ingredients have different effects and benefits and so you can choose the product to use for your specific hair concern.

Most cosmetic products contain a diverse collection of chemicals with varying levels of toxicity. You won't notice most of them. They'll be absorbed into your body silently. Some of the most common chemicals include coal tar (a known carcinogen), diethanolamine (disrupts the hormones), lead and mercury. That's merely a small sample. These chemicals are included in most cosmetics under the facade of making you look attractive. In truth, they can gradually strip the skin before being absorbed into your body.

While being exposed once to these chemicals won't harm you, most of us use our cosmetics every day. The daily barrage of compounds causes a build-up in your body. By contrast, using organic cosmetics doesn't leave you vulnerable to the carcinogens, toxins and nanoparticles in conventional products. That means they won't be absorbed into your body.

It's also better for the environment. Think of a car battery. Consider all of the chemicals in that battery. When the battery outlives its useful life, it's unlawful to discard it into the trash. The reason is because the chemicals aren't biodegradable. That is, the environment can't absorb them harmlessly. Many of the chemicals in traditional cosmetics are similar. You may be able to throw old cosmetics in the garbage, but they're still harmful to the environment. Organic cosmetics lack these chemicals. Using them is easier on the environment because they contain ingredients that are biodegradable.

Because the term "organic" attracts so many people, savvy advertisers slap the term on many products that don't deserve credit. So, when you're shopping for your organic cosmetics, take a few moments and look at the list of ingredients. Make sure they're certifiably organic. The process through which the cosmetics were created should be explained on the packaging. Read it. There's little reason for true organic cosmetic products to contain preservatives, harmful emollients, or colorants. Keep your eyes open so you'll know exactly what you're buying.

I am currently doing an extensive research on organic the search of a company that perhaps would love to sponsor me and help me spread the word about the importance of being our own health advocates and watch what we put into our bodies and how it affects us in the long run. Although there are so many different theories as to what causes fibromyalgia and similar chronic illnesses and the real cause is yet to be known; I wouldn't doubt that my exposure to these chemicals and years of abuse of these products could've easily contributed to my health situation.

Our bodies can handle plenty of abuse. But, that shouldn't be an excuse for introducing hundreds of harmful chemicals into our system needlessly. These chemicals may not have an immediate health impact. But, over time, our daily usage of conventional cosmetics can assault our bodies with foreign compounds. These compounds will have an aggregate effect. After years of allowing these chemicals access to our bodies, there will be an adverse impact.

If I already changed my diet, wouldn't it be logical to also change the products I use to help my body get rid of all the toxins?

Whatever happened to the good old days when our grandmothers use to make their own concoctions, nice home-made beauty treatments. Over the years, I've compiled a list of beauty tips from around the world:

Puerto Rico (where I'm from)- Women add fresh minced garlic into clear nail polish to strengthen their nails and help them grow.

Dominican Republic: To nourish their hair, the women use avocado to prepare different body, hair and face masks. Cut the avocado in half, remove the soft part and rub it in your hair. After one hour rinse the hair with shampoo and apply a conditioner. They also use coconut oil to soften curls.

Spain: The Spaniard women use olive oil to prepare different face and body masks. For example: before a manicure dip your fingers in a bowl of headed olive oil fresh lemon juice. Your cuticles will soften and it will be easier for you to shape the nails. They also use olive oil in their hair as a moisturizing conditioning treatment.

Japan: The Japanese prepare their food with seaweed, rice and soya germs. The women believe that these foods keep their skin healthy and good looking.

England: Preserve the tea-bag after use. Put it in the fridge and when you feel that your eyes are irritated, apply the tea-bags to your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Portugal: if you want your hair to achieve saturated brown tone you should use vinegar. The recipe is simple: add three table spoons vinegar to 200g. water and rinse your hair. Or you could spritz cranberry juice on your hair before going to the beach. It will bring out natural caramel highlights on brunettes. You might want to stay away from it if you are blonde, unless you want your hair pink. Blonde hair, spray lemon juice for amazing sun-kissed highlights!

Italy: Women use olive oil to nourish the eyelashes. A basil leaf applied to the teeth during the night is believed to whiten the teeth.

I have heard so many others that I don't remember which country do they originate from, and I always recommend them to my clients; like mixing oatmeal with honey to create a paste. It's an excellent exfolliant for sensitive skin. It is also soothing and moisturizing. For oily skin, try mixing sugar, honey and lemon. It will get rid of all dead skin cells and hydrate your skin without adding extra oil. You will find your pores will appear smaller after you exfolliate with it.

Another advice my mother shared with me when I was young, was to never go to bed with makeup.I think we all have heard of that one before! But my mother's twist to it was to keep tissues by my nightstand and a bottle of Witch Hazel or "Agua Maravilla" (in spanish). She advised that if I was too tired to wash my face, then I should saturate the tissue in Witch Hazel to remove my makeup while in bed. It leaves your skin clean and fresh. It is the best toner you will find!

Also, blend together a mango and a sweet potato. This natural facial masque is believed to be an excellent rejuvenating treatment. Sweet Potatoes are known for its anti-inflammatory properties and the mango is a great anti-oxidant, leaves your skin radiant and supple. It relieves clogged pores. When consumed, mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A (beta-carotene), E and Selenium which help to protect against heart disease and other ailments.

Mangoes have to be by far one of my favorite fruits. Growing up my grandparents had mango tree on their farm. I will pick the juiciest, sweetest mango without knowing of its benefits...just for the delicious taste! Growing up in a tropical Island allowed me to try all sorts of exotic fruits and vegetables that now are so hard to find here in the United States. A visit to the farmer's market to me is kind of like a trip to my childhood...with a huge smile on my face, reminiscing of the good old days, when everything was a lot simpler. When sucking the sweetness out of sugar cane, eating a mango,or picking the seeds off the passion fruit...while enjoying the tropical breeze under a tree was my entertainment.

Ahhh like I said...nothing like mother nature!

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La Femme Fatale Pro Palette a BEAUTY MUST with a CAUSE !!!!


What I have been dying to show you all , ahhhh MMC's La Femme Fatale Pro Palette - $55.00 , this season of pure glamour and sophistication , MMC's color collections echo the spirit and attitude of the runways.

STRONG & SEXY ...... ETHEREAL & MAGICAL .... in short ....Modern LUXURY !!!!

This fabulous palette includes 12 luxurious highly pigmented shadows that are fun and flirty that will shade , shape , define , highlight and line your beautiful eyes , 8 silky creme-e lipsticks that are lip pampering as well as  plumping and moisturizing and 4 glamorous blushes that will float over your skin leaving your cheeks radiantly aglow.

This palette is also very dear to my heart as 15 % of the proceeds will go to 


 (International Fibromyalgia Awareness 

This disease if one of which that extremely painful , one that comes clear out of left field without warning and one that has caused so many sleepless nights for a very dear friend of mine. It is so important to become aware and educate yourself on problems that can be affecting your friends and family , get on board and HELP get the word out. 


"  Help us make Fibromyalgia Visible!  "

Thank you in advance =)

MMC will be Launching this FAFA-Fabulous Palette August 29th , 2010 in honor of my Beloved Mother that had the same LOVE of Beauty and Fashion as I did. I thank you so for giving me the knowledge and the gift if never letting my dreams escape me , chase them and make them come true. I took a chance and here I am now , sharing my dream and vision with all of you beautiful creatures =)

Much Love and Success , 


VIVA La Mari !!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010 the goddess!

In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue. It was believed that she hid in the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. Her image is shown as a young virgin dressed in white. Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should have possessed.

In beauty terminology, Veritas means true makeup. The virtue of feeling like a goddess comes from within and Veritas makeup allows you to bring out your inner beauty....your inner goddess!

Veritas, the greek goddess had the tendency to evade. She was hard to grasp or pursuit...which made her more desirable. 
The team at Veritas allows you to grasp all the magic behind their top quality skin care & highly pigmented cosmetics and experience the goddess' virtue.
I had the pleasure of working with Veritas Cosmetics along side founder and creator  Love Majewski and makeup artist Kelly Lucchese

Love is the visionary behind Veritas cosmetics.
Licensed Cosmetologist & Celebrity MakeUp Artist

Kelly is a National Make Up Artist who has graced the faces of numerous celebrities and also has had the privilege to work with renowned fashion designers.

They are a true pleasure to work with. Their vibrant personalities make a photo shoot go like a breeze!
Love brought their fabulous display to the studios making this makeup pro feel like a kid in a candy store.
Shades of Beauty (just part of the collection)
Love came in prepared with her sketches and handed me the "Eyes of Horus" look. I said to myself: "Great, I get to play hard!" It is always an exciting experience to try new products. Love felt so confident of the products she had created that she immediately encouraged me to TRY THEM ALL!!! And so I did...high pigmented eye shadows, mediterranean look bronzers, highlighters, eye brow kit, contour concealers, mineral powders.... Wow, what a thrill!

    Eyes of Horus by Mari for Veritas Cosmetics
For the "Eyes of Horus" look I used Veritas gel liners. The quality of this product blew me away! I usually use the back of my hand as my palette and after washing my hands with regular soap and water, I STILL had the liner tattooed on my skin. That eye liner is going nowhere unless you remove it with a great eye makeup remover. 
I was told to come to  this photo session without my kit. I felt naked. But going into the makeup room I immediately felt what Sex & the City, Carrie Bradshaw feels like going into her closet filled with designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Veritas HAS IT ALL...from a variety of brushes, eye lashes...every makeup galore! And let us NOT forget about their exclusive skin care line. The packaging is very edgy and modern.
I absolutely LOVED their skin primer. It glides through the skin ever so smoothly letting the skin be that fresh canvas a makeup artist needs to work their magic. Also allowing the makeup to endure the hot lights and the long hours at the photo session. That makeup was ON and it looked flawless!!! 
As I was recreating the "Eyes of Horus" look, Love and Kelly were also working on other fabulous looks for the shoot. Love was very excited to share with me how her years of experience as a makeup artist inspired her to create a line that would have EVERYTHING she ever wanted in a product to create  the perfect look. I was able to relate to that immediately. I am always mixing colors and formulations to create the right hue or the consistency I need for a specific look. No matter the top quality of products you might be using, there's always that notion "This would work better if ..." Love's years of experience in the industry allowed her to try almost every product in the market, having worked with prestigious brands.  She put all her thoughts on paper and allow her dreams to marinate. Seeing her vision become a reality is not only a dream come true for Love but also for other makeup artists as myself who are always in the search of better cosmetics.
Geisha Look by LOVE for Veritas
Working with the Veritas team at Roller Coaster Studios was a thrill, an invigorating ride. Love had an entourage of publicist, wardrobe stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, models, photographers and the BEST energy a group of artists could have, all under one roof!

I highly recommend you to try Veritas Cosmetics, whether you are a Pro or just a makeup lover, a diva, a makeup connoisseur or aficionado....this line is for everyone that's looking for the "verita" (truth in latin) Top notch products! Te digo la verdad ...that's "I'm telling the truth" in Spanish.  For more information on where to find Veritas Cosmetics or for retail inquiries, you may visit their website at

Stylista Enterprises will be using Veritas Cosmetics on our next photo shoot. We will be bringing you all the behind the scenes action with a special review by one of our makeup artists and products demonstration tutorial. 

Photo: Sidney Etienne
Model: Audra Van Hees @ Choice
MUA & Hair: Suzanna Hallili
Styling: Theo Hanson
Cosmetics: Veritas

Peace,Love & Lipstick

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Stylista Enterprises...YOUR wedding experts! Personalized, on location, bridal hair & makeup services

Zulay Shinn- Zulay's fun personality is just like her makeup technique...colorful, cheerful, fresh and oh so glam!
Her innate talent is evident in every face she graces with her incredible ability to blend colors to create a whole new spectrum of unique hues, customized specifically for her clients. Beautiful, captivating eyes...that's her signature look! 

Also, she is certified in HD Airbrush Application; giving her an edge when it comes to bridal makeup. Her flawless and resilient technique is preferred by brides
and wedding photographers.

Zulay is also a certified teacher and that experience shows in the patience, the dicipline and dedication she delivers in every job. Needless to say that she is also a perfectionist. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and so is her makeup technique. She is easy to work with and her vibrant personality is contagious!

These photos are her most recent work with renowned NY photographer Javier Oddo.

Zulay is called upon brides for her excellent makeup techniques and the high demand requires bookings in advance. Please make sure you reserve your date at least 3 months before your wedding.

Complimentary bridal makeup consultations are part of our services to you and we are committed to bring you only but the best for such a special occasion. 

Thank you for considering Zulay Shinn and Stylista Enterprises for your big day and Congratulations!

Our Stylista Bridal blog will be up soon!!! We can't wait to share with you...EVERYTHING WEDDING! 

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FASHION ART MUSIC...all in ONE venue!

Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, CARGO TRADESHOW opens to the general public this July 19th and 20th with a cutting edge flair to all those who seek the latest fashion trends. Kicking off fashion week, this two day event takes place in Soho, one of the trendiest and most artsy communities of New York.

What's unique about this tradeshow is the street-style art, cool vibe atmosphere in which designers and local artists  can all exhibit their collections in an intimate, one on one experience for retail buyers and shoppers- making this a wonderful opportunity to find great deals straight from the designers. You'll be able to shop the latest trends in clothing, jewelry and accessories while enjoying the artwork from local artists, music, food tastings and free samples from the sponsors.

Our friends from Jalapeno Shoppers will be exhibiting for the first time at CARGO, and introducing a sample of what their online store has to offer. You won't want to miss their oh muy caliente accessories. So make sure you meet my amigos!

For a list of the exhibitors participating at this year's market, please visit 

Stylista Enterprises will be covering the show and will bring you all the "behind the scenes" action. We'll be interviewing CARGO founders, designers, artists and will take you on a tour through each exhibit. 

Or better yet, why don't you join us and experience for yourself everything CARGO TRADESHOW has to offer.

St. Patrick’s Center, 268 Mulberry St.
Cargo Dates and Times:
Day 1: Monday July 19, 2010 {12:00 pm to 8:00 pm}
Day 2: Tuesday July 20, 2010 {12:00 pm to 8:00 pm}
St. Patrick’s Center in NYC’s Nolita neighborhood
268 Mulberry St. NYC, between Prince and Houston
(adjacent to the Puck Building)
How to get there:
Take the B D F V trains to the Broadway-Lafayette St.

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Not the typical Tupperware Party...

Are you planning a bachelorette party? A girl's night in? Instead of the common scented candles, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, perfumes, sex toys or topper ware parties (do they even still have these?), why not host a fabulous party and treat your guests to a makeup workshop.  Or let our stylists glam you up for the evening...enjoy the cocktails, fun conversations while getting all dolled up before your night out!

This is what the STYLISTA BEAUTY EXPERIENCE is all about. Whether it's a Girls' Night In or a Girls' Night Out...we come to the comfort of your home or hotel suite with our makeup train case filled with only top quality makeup and hair products, director chairs and workbooks...ready to share our knowledge and expertise with you and your friends. 
It is an interactive experience, customized for each guest that will sure leave everyone feeling makeup savvy and feeling confident enough to go out there and know which products to buy that suit your skin.  And better yet you will KNOW HOW to enhance your features by applying makeup like a professional makeup artist would. You will learn all the tips and tricks the experts keep to themselves...from contouring, concealing and blending colors, picking the right formulations....everything down to applying false lashes for a more glamorous look.

If you rather have the experts do their work for you and get pampered before the girls' night out...then let our team of stylists give you and your friends the whole celebrity treatment and leave you all red carpet ready!

And just for hosting a STYLISTA BEAUTY EXPERIENCE you receive a complimentary makeover valid for up to 1 year*

Be unique and throw a "feel good" party...nothing boost your self-esteem more than feeling and looking beautiful! All of us girls deserve to be pampered and feel gorgeous.  The STYLISTA BEAUTY EXPERIENCE shows you how to look your best, but it also allow you to feel your best by sharing a wonderful experience with your friends, fun times that you will cherish for ever. Laughter is the best beauty tool.  It's an instant's my beauty secret ;) 


*Hostess complimentary makeover cannot be redeemed on weekends or holidays.

Stylista Enterprises very own Grizel Del Valle

Getting to know Grizel Del Valle has been a wonderful ride filled with highs, zooms and lots of adrenaline rush! Her energy is contagious. She's so easy to work with, so transparent, true to herself. Creating an image for Grizel has been a soulful experience. Despite Grizel's youth, the level of maturity in this girl translates into her singing. She's grounded, determined, focused and driven. She's serious about her work...she strives for perfection. But Grizel is also a ball of fire! Dynamic, uplifting, funny and silly at times...tomboyish and yet feminine- earthy, bohemian chic....and flashy, vibrant Hollywood glamour kinda gal. How do you come up with a look that could encompass everything she is?  Hmmm! It wasn't a difficult task. Grizel made it so easy by being her and allowing me to see her true self, her most inner thoughts and dreams, her ups and her lows, everything that makes her the amazing woman that she is. Grizel Del Valle's new look is a visible and tangible image of her soul...and just like her music, you won't be able to get her out of your head.

Stay on the look out for the launching of her website...coming soon

We can't wait to share with you her hot new image!

When you do what you love...

When you do what you live your dream.  Are you chasing your dreams? Or have you settled to a colorless, bland life? 
I take life with all its different colors and flavors. Sometimes dark and bitter, other times bright and sweet.   Living life in the full color spectrum, adding sparkle to every action takes you closer to that dream.  Look around you, are your surroundings in HD color or are you still in monotone black & white...colorized selectively in certain areas? Wouldn't it be a better picture if in high definition and vibrantly colorful? 

When you do what you radiate vitality in every action! You are envisioning a dream....YOUR dream.
Dare to step in a rainbow of opportunities that will take you places beyond belief.
I can honestly say I have decorated my life with many colors because I have found what drives me through ART. This is my venue of expression, my inspiration, my instrument of peace, my devotion, my is what has saved me.

My dream is to inspire others to find their true colors...those that enhance their mood and help them conquer their own dreams.

Dream to do what you love and live the dream.

When you do what you become the irresistible lover, the one they won't be able to get out of their minds, the one they can't get enough of, the one they can't live without...because to them you are THE ONE.

THE ONE to make a difference in others just by doing what you LOVE.

And when you do what you are loving and living in full color!

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Sorial...wrap yourself in luxury!

Sorial...yes as exotic as it sounds...these handbags are everything the smart shopper with an exquisite taste desires. Since fall 2006, husband and wife, Alex and Vivianne Bannout, have been providing customers with affordable luxury.  They knew the market needed great quality designs at a good value! Sorial uses Italian lambskin so that the bags are lightweight and very soft. With the contemporary woman in mind, this team of designers knew the importance of manufacturing a product that would be functional without compromising style.  The designs include a back pocket on every handbag, and have at least 5 pockets on the inside. These are beautifully lined with silk fabrics of colorful paisleys or animal prints depending on the season. Below is their popular "Fortune Cookie Hobo" that has been sold out at every Nordstrom store.

What makes Sorial handbags unique is their creative craftsmanship...from the vibrant fun colors to the studded details, zippers, locks, optional shoulder strap and multi-compartments, are all a reflection of the attention to detail that has been given to each handbag design. The lavishness of each bag exudes sophistication and glamour and yet its functionality makes it the perfect companion from work to cocktail hour. The variety in styles...from clutches, wristlets, satchels, hobos, totes...makes it easy to find the perfect accessory to compliment your wardrobe. Sorial will sure be your everyday "tag along" bag.  Dare to make a statement, wear them everywhere you go!

A family owned business that is now proud of their rapid growth. Sorial handbags can be found in over 150 retails nationwide.

It has been a major boom in the fashion industry and they are constantly being featured in catalogs and magazines such as
Marie Claire, Lucky, among others.

We had the pleasure of meeting Tanya Bannout, daughter of the designers, who is now following on their footsteps by adding her own modern sense of fashion to the brand. She was recently promoting the new collection at Posh Boutique in Morristown, NJ - one of the stores that carry their exclusive designs. The boutique had a book signing event with Teresa Giudice from hit reality TV show, Housewives of New Jersey.

Tanya Bannout and Teresa Giudice at Posh Boutique
Tanya is a smart, driven, stylish, beautiful young woman who is passionate about promoting the business with the same poise, elegance and passion as her parents.

She gave us a fun and eloquent interview describing the different designs of the collection that we have posted here on our blog and also on our YouTube channel vivanstyle.

It was a fabulous experience to meet this fabulous talented designer who is a vivid example of commitment and perseverance. What started out as a mere "American Dream" from two visionaries from Egypt, raised in Brooklyn, now a sweet reality that she is proud to carry on.

For wholesale inquiries you may contact them at 973.669.8116 If you would like more information or to buy these fabulous bags, you may visit their website at or write to them at

* Don't forget to look for Tanya's video interview here on our blog!

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Get Married Wraps Season 3 With All New Episodes on WE tv

Season three continues with seven new episodes of Get Married’s TV show starting Saturday, July 3rd at 9:30am et/pt on WE tv. New episodes featuring real brides and fun challenges run through Saturday, August 14th. Show host and Get Married founder Stacie Francombe, spends time with real brides as she guides them through an array of bridal experiences and participates in inspiring challenges with wedding professionals and experts.

The line-up of the new episodes unveils the hottest wedding trends and shocking surprises including a customized father-daughter dance song written by singer-songwriter, Edwin McCain.

Check out the promo for Get Married’s newest episodes…starting in 3 days!
New season on WETV, 9:30AM ET/PT every Saturday

View the premier issue at

Follow the blog at
Also, coming soon this month...look for our new blog created entirely for our brides. We will keep you updated with new articles from our friends from GET MARRIED and also will share with you testimonials from our brides, before and after bridal makeovers and everything BRIDAL!!

LIZA MARIE for Double A Boxing Apparel

Liza Marie is the new face of Double A a boxing equipment company who uses the finest materials to manufacture top quality products for professional boxers. Angel Alejandro (picture below) owner of Double A, held a promotional event at club 7one 8 in the Bronx where members of the media such as Bronx 12, Boxing Digest Magazine and other boxing publications had the chance to interview boxing champions and professional fighters.
     Mari, boxing champions with Angel Alejandro (center)
The atmosphere was hip, fun and filled with young gorgeous models, whose pictures were being displayed in flat screens TVs throughout the club. Arnold "Maddog" Rodriguez and owner of the club had a full house that evening.
Stylista Enterprises was responsible for styling Liza Marie that evening.  Upon entering the club, Liza Marie was approached by local press to be interviewed and photographed. She sure looked absolutely fabulous and everyone was complimenting her new look.

Liza Marie's wardrobe was provided by Posh Boutique in Morristown, NJ and Mari was the stylist responsible for her look that evening.

We are delighted to have Liza Marie as our new client and are looking forward to this new journey....on the road to success.

            Mari, Zulay Shinn, Liza Marie & Sharon Giraldo

We would like to congratulate and thank Liza Marie for choosing Stylista Enterprises to be her personal image consultants and team of stylists. Break a leg girl!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Posh Affair!

Avant forward...trend setter...POSH! An eclectic fusion of trends geared towards the edgy, urban, trendy shoppers who love to stand out from the crowd. A jewel found in the historic town of Morristown, New Jersey that is already making waves among celebrities.

My friend and owner of Posh Boutique, Jairo Arias has a keen eye for fashion. All Murano, Custo Barcelona, True Religion, Sorial, Rebecca Beeson,  Mod' Land Paris, Orka-Mesica, among other hot designers make this boutique a must for all my shopaholics.

Just recently, Jairo had Teresa Giudice from hot new reality show NJ Housewives, who is promoting her new book "Skinny Italian" visit his store. Hundreds of fans who patiently lined up outside the boutique to meet their favorite housewife had the opportunity to not only have their book signed but also to meet some designers and take advantage of great savings from the special promotional prices on all the collections. Teresa who wore one of Posh's designs "I love Blue" was fascinated with the variety of designs the store has to offer.

Tanya Bannout, daughter of designers Vivianne & Alex Bannout and founders of SORIAL was at the event and generously let Teresa choose from her fabulous new collection of Italian lambskin bags.

Watch the whole exciting interview recently posted! Or subscribe to our YouTube channel VivaVanStyle to watch other "behind the scenes" footage.

Another very talented artist who Jairo had recently added to his list of designers is Justin from 'Till Death .925
I was very impressed with his amazing custom made pure .925 silver designs, the quality and the solid weight of  each unique are NOT getting a hollow piece of jewelry, that's for sure! Justin also presented Teresa Giudice with one of his designs.

Stylista Enterprises did a special interview, with the camera shy designer and we will be posting it very soon.

For a fabulous shopping experience, visit Jairo and his friendly staff at 142 South St. Morristown NJ or if you can't visit the store, you may also shop online at 

Find out what the hype is all about! You won't be able to resist to shop, shop, shop!!!

Don't miss out!

SORIAL Teresa Giudice + Posh Boutique

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grizel Del Valle

As our classic Madonna would say....Who's that girl? She's upcoming artist, the new sensation in the tropical genre...salsa, bachata, balada...she is IT! How do you describe a ball of fire? Indescribable, irresistible...her amazing energy is contagious. She is a goddess that masterfully decorates your soul with her beautiful instrument- a very powerful voice.  Her music will be stuck in your head all day. There are no words to describe Grizel Del Valle, you just have to see her and hear her for yourself.

Gifted with a beautiful voice, Chachi has appeared as a singer in shows such as "Havana After Dark" and other productions. She also was a cast member of "Celia Cruz - The Musical", and the Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez film "El Cantante". Grizel also graces with her voice, soundtrack for independent film "The Ministers", where she glammed up the red carpet  with her beautiful presence and of course styled from head to toe by Stylista Enterprises (picture below)

Grizel also featured in the new album of  bachata hit sensation JMartin joining voices in a very romantic bachata song  "No soy tu Tipo". Stylista Enterprises styled both Grizel Del Valle and Jay Martin for their amazing presentation at Madison Square Garden, NY where JMartin and Grizel gave goosebumps to the audience who clapped and danced throughout the whole performance.

Stylista Enterprises is proud to be responsible for Grizel Del Valle's new image for the release of her upcoming website  and all future performances, album releases, red carpet events and everywhere Grizel del Valle has to go, Stylista Enterprises will be right there with her making sure she shines like the star she is.

Stylista Enterprises is honored to be Grizel Del Valle's glam squad and we would like for you to witness and be part of her growing career as we report to you her every move. You won't want to miss it!

Until then, we leave you with yet another "goosebump" masterful deliverance by our very own Grizel Del Valle. Enjoy!