Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Married Wraps Season 3 With All New Episodes on WE tv

Season three continues with seven new episodes of Get Married’s TV show starting Saturday, July 3rd at 9:30am et/pt on WE tv. New episodes featuring real brides and fun challenges run through Saturday, August 14th. Show host and Get Married founder Stacie Francombe, spends time with real brides as she guides them through an array of bridal experiences and participates in inspiring challenges with wedding professionals and experts.

The line-up of the new episodes unveils the hottest wedding trends and shocking surprises including a customized father-daughter dance song written by singer-songwriter, Edwin McCain.

Check out the promo for Get Married’s newest episodes…starting in 3 days!
New season on WETV, 9:30AM ET/PT every Saturday

View the premier issue at

Follow the blog at
Also, coming soon this month...look for our new blog created entirely for our brides. We will keep you updated with new articles from our friends from GET MARRIED and also will share with you testimonials from our brides, before and after bridal makeovers and everything BRIDAL!!

LIZA MARIE for Double A Boxing Apparel

Liza Marie is the new face of Double A a boxing equipment company who uses the finest materials to manufacture top quality products for professional boxers. Angel Alejandro (picture below) owner of Double A, held a promotional event at club 7one 8 in the Bronx where members of the media such as Bronx 12, Boxing Digest Magazine and other boxing publications had the chance to interview boxing champions and professional fighters.
     Mari, boxing champions with Angel Alejandro (center)
The atmosphere was hip, fun and filled with young gorgeous models, whose pictures were being displayed in flat screens TVs throughout the club. Arnold "Maddog" Rodriguez and owner of the club had a full house that evening.
Stylista Enterprises was responsible for styling Liza Marie that evening.  Upon entering the club, Liza Marie was approached by local press to be interviewed and photographed. She sure looked absolutely fabulous and everyone was complimenting her new look.

Liza Marie's wardrobe was provided by Posh Boutique in Morristown, NJ and Mari was the stylist responsible for her look that evening.

We are delighted to have Liza Marie as our new client and are looking forward to this new journey....on the road to success.

            Mari, Zulay Shinn, Liza Marie & Sharon Giraldo

We would like to congratulate and thank Liza Marie for choosing Stylista Enterprises to be her personal image consultants and team of stylists. Break a leg girl!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Posh Affair!

Avant forward...trend setter...POSH! An eclectic fusion of trends geared towards the edgy, urban, trendy shoppers who love to stand out from the crowd. A jewel found in the historic town of Morristown, New Jersey that is already making waves among celebrities.

My friend and owner of Posh Boutique, Jairo Arias has a keen eye for fashion. All Murano, Custo Barcelona, True Religion, Sorial, Rebecca Beeson,  Mod' Land Paris, Orka-Mesica, among other hot designers make this boutique a must for all my shopaholics.

Just recently, Jairo had Teresa Giudice from hot new reality show NJ Housewives, who is promoting her new book "Skinny Italian" visit his store. Hundreds of fans who patiently lined up outside the boutique to meet their favorite housewife had the opportunity to not only have their book signed but also to meet some designers and take advantage of great savings from the special promotional prices on all the collections. Teresa who wore one of Posh's designs "I love Blue" was fascinated with the variety of designs the store has to offer.

Tanya Bannout, daughter of designers Vivianne & Alex Bannout and founders of SORIAL was at the event and generously let Teresa choose from her fabulous new collection of Italian lambskin bags.

Watch the whole exciting interview recently posted! Or subscribe to our YouTube channel VivaVanStyle to watch other "behind the scenes" footage.

Another very talented artist who Jairo had recently added to his list of designers is Justin from 'Till Death .925
I was very impressed with his amazing custom made pure .925 silver designs, the quality and the solid weight of  each unique are NOT getting a hollow piece of jewelry, that's for sure! Justin also presented Teresa Giudice with one of his designs.

Stylista Enterprises did a special interview, with the camera shy designer and we will be posting it very soon.

For a fabulous shopping experience, visit Jairo and his friendly staff at 142 South St. Morristown NJ or if you can't visit the store, you may also shop online at 

Find out what the hype is all about! You won't be able to resist to shop, shop, shop!!!

Don't miss out!

SORIAL Teresa Giudice + Posh Boutique

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grizel Del Valle

As our classic Madonna would say....Who's that girl? She's upcoming artist, the new sensation in the tropical genre...salsa, bachata, balada...she is IT! How do you describe a ball of fire? Indescribable, irresistible...her amazing energy is contagious. She is a goddess that masterfully decorates your soul with her beautiful instrument- a very powerful voice.  Her music will be stuck in your head all day. There are no words to describe Grizel Del Valle, you just have to see her and hear her for yourself.

Gifted with a beautiful voice, Chachi has appeared as a singer in shows such as "Havana After Dark" and other productions. She also was a cast member of "Celia Cruz - The Musical", and the Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez film "El Cantante". Grizel also graces with her voice, soundtrack for independent film "The Ministers", where she glammed up the red carpet  with her beautiful presence and of course styled from head to toe by Stylista Enterprises (picture below)

Grizel also featured in the new album of  bachata hit sensation JMartin joining voices in a very romantic bachata song  "No soy tu Tipo". Stylista Enterprises styled both Grizel Del Valle and Jay Martin for their amazing presentation at Madison Square Garden, NY where JMartin and Grizel gave goosebumps to the audience who clapped and danced throughout the whole performance.

Stylista Enterprises is proud to be responsible for Grizel Del Valle's new image for the release of her upcoming website  and all future performances, album releases, red carpet events and everywhere Grizel del Valle has to go, Stylista Enterprises will be right there with her making sure she shines like the star she is.

Stylista Enterprises is honored to be Grizel Del Valle's glam squad and we would like for you to witness and be part of her growing career as we report to you her every move. You won't want to miss it!

Until then, we leave you with yet another "goosebump" masterful deliverance by our very own Grizel Del Valle. Enjoy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Trash the Dress...Newest Trend!

You've got the gown of your wear it on that special day. One day....special, yes, but just one day! So what do you do with that special dress that you can only wear once? Add more money to the thousands you've already spent on the gown and preserve it beautifully in a box or a frame? Sell it? Or trash it?
I say TRASH IT! In a very fabulous way of course. There's a new trend going around now that lots of creative photographers are benefiting from. Couples now are opting to do something different to preserve the memories of that special day by taking it to a whole other level of bridal photography.
"Trash the Dress" is a clever concept in which great location is a must and of course the willingness of the bride to get her designer gown, eh hum...trashed!
I've seen some amazing photo sessions, under water, beaches, jungle, caves, at railroad stations, city streets...the options are endless. I say it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! and of course a very modern, edgy photographer to capture amazing shots.
The footage I've uploaded from YouTube I find it to be one of the most romantic ones. There are tons of videos if you search under "Trash the Dress"  Go ahead, be inspired! Dare to trash the dress and have fun while you are at it! I think (and that's my personal opinion), I rather do something creative with the gown than keeping it collecting dust in the attic.

This new trend has inspired me for the next Stylista Enterprises bridal photo shoot for our website (coming soon in July). I believe it's a fabulous concept, perfect for the contemporary bride!

We will be shooting in the streets of Brooklyn, NY with amazing renowned fashion photographer Javier Oddo. You could see some of his work at

And of course, we will show you all the "behind the scenes" action. So don't forget to come back for more!!

Until then much love and happiness ♥

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was a Posh Evening!

POSH BOUTIQUE in the historic town of Morristown, NJ welcomed Teresa Giudice for a book signing last night where more than 250 fans lined up outside the store to meet their favorite NJ Housewife. Jairo Arias, owner of the boutique kept everything graciously under control while fan after fan greeted Teresa and tried on different fabulous, modern styles that Posh Boutique has to offer.
Teresa was sporting a Posh Boutique design "I love Blue" a lovely, summery, strapless dress that made her petite frame look fantastic! Or should I say...."fabulicious" as Teresa would say.
Fans waited patiently for their chance to meet Teresa and I couldn't help but observe that not only Teresa was the center of attention, but so were the unique pieces at Posh Boutique. I saw everyone admiring the variety in clothing, accessories and overall sassyness of this chic store.

We also had the chance to talk with some of the exclusive designers that were there displaying their collections. I specifically enjoyed Tanya Jessica's genuine leather bags. I will be posting a whole interview soon of this stunning young designer.
Tanya Jessica & Teresa Giudice

Also, Project Runway season 7 Designer Pamela Ptak is a fan of Teresa and delighted everyone with her sweet presence. It turned out to be an amazing event that gave me the honor to have shared a wonderful evening with friends, designers, media and simply amazing people.

Pamela Ptak & Jairo Arias

I hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thank you to my friend Jairo and his wonderful staff at Posh Boutique for allowing Stylista Enterprises an evening filled with positive vibe.

Much Success!
Mari & Zulay

Teresa Giudice...all the juicy, "fabulicious" scoop!

Last night, at Posh Boutique in Morristown, I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa Giudice. And when I say a pleasure, it was indeed a pleasure. Despite of what some tabloids might say about her personality (which I never take their word for anything anyway) Teresa is the sweetest, most approachable, cutest, petite lady. Yes! super slim and she just recently gave birth to her fourth girl. How did she do it and so fast? Good Italian genes or smart eating? Judging from her fabulous book that I haven't been able to put down ever since I got it, the secret might be strong family bonds and  sharing a table where love and happiness are the main ingredients.
I read once a book tittled "French Women don't get Fat -The Secret of Eating for Pleasure" by Mireille Guiliano. When I first came upon it at the book store, while browsing in the Health & Fitness section, I thought to myself: "ha, that's pretty odd considering France being famous for its pastries!" Sweet is one of my weaknesses- especially chocolate. Who doesn't love pain au chocolat, or better known here as chocolate croissant? And the oh so delicious éclair, palmier (a big puff pastry sugar-covered cookie) Yum!
I thought maybe, just maybe I could stay away from these sugary temptations if I learned how French women stay slim. But I realized way too quickly, that women in France are on a deprivation diet. I'm sorry but those tiny little plates are not cutting it for me.
I am Latin, and just like Italians, we find any excuse to gather and celebrate with food. It's our way of showing love.
My kitchen is filled with Italian Recipe Books. I do have an obsession with the Food Network, I must admit. Miss Paula Dean and all her buttery dishes, my favorite Giada De Laurentiis- her lovely Italian accent and her seductive way of cooking...oh my! Chef Mario Batali and of course the lovely Rachel Ray. My mouth waters just to think about all these delicious recipes from this amazing masters of the culinary arts. But when I think of these dishes, one thing comes to mind besides "heaven in my mouth" is "fatness in my buns!" I can't stop laughing, but it's so true...everyone knows Italian food is the true soul food. And no matter your native tongue...the word "Mangia" is understood in every language. Linguini, fettuccine, zucchini...and everything that ends in "ini" yes is what anyone in the United States say is speaking "Italian".
What I think makes Teresa's book "Skinny Italian" genius is the contradiction of a stereotype. See! Not only French women could be slim. But Teresa shows in her book that you don't need to starve to stay fit and still enjoy great Italian recipes.
I am enjoying how colorful are the images on the book, as rich as the colors in the recipes' ingredients. Roasted peppers, fresh basil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic, onions.....all fresh ingredients. Reading the book is an invitation to her home, it really feels that way. Teresa welcomes us to the intimacy of her kitchen, the heart of a home. She shares stories of her family, her love for her husband and beautiful daughters, her beauty secrets - I mean everything you could possibly talk at a dinner table and more! Because after all, it wouldn't be Teresa if she doesn't bring the flare to the table. And I mean it in a very positive way -I think the Puertorrican would've come out of me too if I was provoked and felt so passionate about what's true and fair. So flipping a table, darling, just shows our passion! Nevertheless, Teresa is a very classy, loving, down to earth, fabulous woman that I'm sure mamma Antonia must be very proud of.
I'm glad she came out with this book because it is a proven fact that you could still look hot with an apron on (fabulous pumps), making dinner for your family, being a supportive mother, sexy wife and an inspiration to many housewives out there! Putting family first and still finding the time to live a fabulous life, or like she would say: "la bella vita"- or maybe I like the way her husband, Joe says it best: "happy wife, happy life!"
I can't wait to start making some of the dishes she shares in "Skinny Italian". I encourage you to buy this book and learn a bit more about why Teresa Giudice is a "Real Housewife"!

Viva la Mari

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stylista Enterprises welcomes newest client...rising star Liza Marie

Liza Marie is a Model/Actress/Radio personality who has appeared on shows like, “A Oscuras Pero Encendido, ” as el “Bon- Bon.” She has been featured in music videos such as "Que Lo Que" by Don Mariachi and WND, "La Frescura, " by Remie, "Chug" by No Good People, "Side 2 Side" by Dark Side Thugz, "Calor, Calor" by Cyns and Angels. She was also a featured model for Melvin James Filmwork’s !DAAM! and Pitbull's and Dorismar's LGC. She has also worked as background in movies such as "Any Given Sunday” and "Notorious." Liza Marie has also graced the pages of magazines such as 305 magazine and Hush. Liza Marie also toured with P Diddy Ciroc Vodka as one of the models promoting their beverage across the United States. She has attended acting classes in New York City with renowned acting coach, Anthony Abeson. Liza Marie will also be seen in the upcoming movie "The Miracle of Spanish Harlem" which will also be featuring her husband, Angel Ramirez, of the "Barrio Boyz". Liza Marie is currently a co-hosting along side Ivan Sanchez and Trig One on "Rebel Radio", every Friday night 8- 10pm.

On, June 23rd you could meet Liza Marie at a special promotional event for
Stylista Enterprises will be responsible for Liza Marie's hair, makeup and wardrobe styling. The renowned boutique in Morristown, New Jersey will be dressing Liza Marie for the evening.
Posh Boutique is the perfect place to shop for unique clothing styles and accessories that will sure bring out the celebrity in you. Make sure to visit them and see how you could easily become a many fabulous styles to choose from, you will want to take them all! A girls' dream closet. This is why Stylista Enterprises has chosen Posh Boutique and trusted them with Liza Marie's "dress to impress" red carpet look.

Make sure you come back to read more about this event, as we take you through the whole "behind the scenes" action...from the fitting at Posh Boutique, Liza Marie's makeover and all the celebration at The Official Double A Boxing affair on June 23rd.

This event will have media and press coverage

Stylista Enterprises welcomes Liza Marie to our team

Monday, June 14, 2010

Posh Housewife!

It's your favorite housewife, Teresa Giudice! She's fabulous, fierce...and definitely not afraid to speak her mind! It is not a surprise that she will be inspired to share her secrets on how she could be the perfect wife, mother and still be glamorous by staying fit. Italian food could be finally enjoyed without guilt...and Teresa is showing us how with her first book, "Skinny Italian," a lifestyle title that teaches authentic, healthy Italian cooking with over 60 recipes straight from Salerno, Italy. And my friends at Posh Boutique are welcoming this hit reality star to their store to introduce her new book.

Stylista Enterprises will of course be there to take advantage of the fantastic sales and oh so chic fashions while taking some great advice and a few tips from Teresa on how to rock the latest styles...eating healthy and looking ahhh mayyy zing!

Come join us at Posh Boutique in Morristown tomorrow from 7-10 pm and meet Teresa in all her splendor!

You will be able to buy her book on site and have her sign it for you...strike a pose with her and share a few laughs as well!

And of course try on all the hottest fashions that Posh Boutique has to offer.
Stylista Enterprises will be covering this event and will be posting some exciting images. So come back for more!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: Posh Boutique / Kathryn Joseph Salon

Street: 142 South St

City/Town: Morristown, NJ

Friday, June 11, 2010

Stylista Enterprises

Steel Fuel Test Shoot

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My friend Pedro, the Jalapeño Shopper

I am so thrilled to announce the launching of the new Jalapeño Shopper website. Very unique accesories that I am fabulous enough to own myself...definitely conversation pieces you'll be proud to wear!
Read below what my friend Pedro has to say about himself:


Hola! I'm Pedro, the Jalapeño Shopper, and I search the world for HOT jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. Nothing on our site is over $100. Jalapeño Shopper offers a blend of timeless, classic pieces that can be worn for years to come plus the trendy, fun pieces that are current and, "OH SO CALIENTE!"

My goal is to find HOT little treasures that when worn, begs the question, “WOW! Where did you find that?”

I refer to our shoppers as “My Little Peppers” and they all seem to have a great eye for what is unique, interesting, stylish and HOT as they seek to celebrate their own personal style.

To keep things NEW and SPICY, we regularly add new merchandise, update our list of featured designers and seek up-and-coming designer talent who make exclusive designs only available at  Just like chips and salsa, we want to keep you coming back for more.

Set up an account. Join the Jalapeño Shopper family. You’ll get special "Hot Shop" alerts when new items are featured plus special discounts and promotions. Feel free to “LIKE” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, read our blog at Blogger and tell your friends.


Pedro, The Jalapeño Shopper
Jalapeño Shopper…Bringing You What’s Hot!


I own one of these in the Jade...and I get LOTS of compliments! Love it. It's what's in this summer. Get it!!!

Stylista Enterprises Collaborating with Sapphire Studios for new Energy Drink

Edgardo Davila & model Jeanice Rivera
Working with Edgardo Dávila from Sapphire Studios is an explosion of creativity, innovation, and extreme passion for beauty, fashion and art. It has been an adrenaline rush to share ideas, creating outrageous concepts and overall thinking outside the box for this amazing project for a new energy drink that will be out in the market soon.

We are currently doing test shoots with different models and I have had the honor to assist Edgardo with the makeup, hair and fashion styling.

Stay tune for some "behind the scenes"  footage and images I will be featuring here to give you a sneak preview of this fabulous project.

For more information about Sapphire Studios and everything they have to offer, please visit them at or simply click on their banner at the end of this page.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding and the City

I just recently had the pleasure of working with Jimena Roquero from VESA Wedding Photographers for Shirley and William's wedding in Manhattan. Jimena has an amazing eye for uniqueness that makes her stand out from the rest. Her photography is as classy as her work ethics. You don't even notice she's around...because she has the eloquence to move around like a feather and capture every detail without interrupting your creative flow. Jimena makes the most simple thing come to live. I am impressed by her work. It's nontraditional, candid, unrehearsed and oh so fun!
Each image tells a story...that's what I love about her style. Jimena's only companions are her camera and talent. That's all she needs.

VESA Wedding Photographers...marrying art and memories.

Let your pictures tell the story!

Makeup & Hair by Mari...Viva la Mari!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My life is beautiful!

Sometimes it takes a simple glimpse of the past, a sweet memory of your dig in deep into your soul and reconnect with your inner self.  Reconnecting with old friends, a summer fling, a day in the all seems to revive you.

I have made a priority in my life to keep my young spirit alive. It is what takes me through the day with high energy and optimism. I believe that's what has kept me looking young, despite my age (won't tell). Don't take life so seriously. Live out loud. That's right!

Everyone asks me what's the secret. I firmly believe it's all a state of mind....the way you approach life. Beauty comes from the inside. Yes, it sounds cliche but it is the truth. From the way you eat, to your every thought and actions towards yourself and others. I believe the moment you stop believing in yourself, or stop taking on new challenges...just like a light, you start flickering until finally you go out! Dark spirit makes us gloomy, sad and lonely. And those are beauty thieves. Those I try to stay away from. Of course, we have our days when we might not feel that "pretty" but it's up to you how quickly you could turn that around. I believe you can find beauty in everything.  I'm an to pay attention to the little details. I might be a little distracted sometimes, because even the little things could captivate my attention. But when you take the time to look at the little things...bigger things take a whole new dimension.

Makeup is my way of expressing myself through colors to enhance what in my eyes is already beautiful and make it spectacular, make it shine, make it pop, make it WOW!
If I could help people feel better about themselves, boost their self esteem and put them in high spirits, then my work is done. It is so rewarding to see my clients smiling from the inside out, it's like for a moment they have allowed me to decorate their soul. That is why I love what I do so much.

This is my passion, another secret to staying happy doing what you love.

Life is to be embraced to the fullest with everything it has to offer, the good and the bad, because every experience makes you who you are. It's up to you if you want it to be ugly or beautiful.  Beauty is on the eye of the beholder. Whatever makes your heart smile...I think it's beautiful.

My life is beautiful...that's why I'm always smiling!