Friday, June 18, 2010

Trash the Dress...Newest Trend!

You've got the gown of your wear it on that special day. One day....special, yes, but just one day! So what do you do with that special dress that you can only wear once? Add more money to the thousands you've already spent on the gown and preserve it beautifully in a box or a frame? Sell it? Or trash it?
I say TRASH IT! In a very fabulous way of course. There's a new trend going around now that lots of creative photographers are benefiting from. Couples now are opting to do something different to preserve the memories of that special day by taking it to a whole other level of bridal photography.
"Trash the Dress" is a clever concept in which great location is a must and of course the willingness of the bride to get her designer gown, eh hum...trashed!
I've seen some amazing photo sessions, under water, beaches, jungle, caves, at railroad stations, city streets...the options are endless. I say it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! and of course a very modern, edgy photographer to capture amazing shots.
The footage I've uploaded from YouTube I find it to be one of the most romantic ones. There are tons of videos if you search under "Trash the Dress"  Go ahead, be inspired! Dare to trash the dress and have fun while you are at it! I think (and that's my personal opinion), I rather do something creative with the gown than keeping it collecting dust in the attic.

This new trend has inspired me for the next Stylista Enterprises bridal photo shoot for our website (coming soon in July). I believe it's a fabulous concept, perfect for the contemporary bride!

We will be shooting in the streets of Brooklyn, NY with amazing renowned fashion photographer Javier Oddo. You could see some of his work at

And of course, we will show you all the "behind the scenes" action. So don't forget to come back for more!!

Until then much love and happiness ♥

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