Thursday, June 10, 2010

My friend Pedro, the Jalapeño Shopper

I am so thrilled to announce the launching of the new Jalapeño Shopper website. Very unique accesories that I am fabulous enough to own myself...definitely conversation pieces you'll be proud to wear!
Read below what my friend Pedro has to say about himself:


Hola! I'm Pedro, the Jalapeño Shopper, and I search the world for HOT jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. Nothing on our site is over $100. Jalapeño Shopper offers a blend of timeless, classic pieces that can be worn for years to come plus the trendy, fun pieces that are current and, "OH SO CALIENTE!"

My goal is to find HOT little treasures that when worn, begs the question, “WOW! Where did you find that?”

I refer to our shoppers as “My Little Peppers” and they all seem to have a great eye for what is unique, interesting, stylish and HOT as they seek to celebrate their own personal style.

To keep things NEW and SPICY, we regularly add new merchandise, update our list of featured designers and seek up-and-coming designer talent who make exclusive designs only available at  Just like chips and salsa, we want to keep you coming back for more.

Set up an account. Join the Jalapeño Shopper family. You’ll get special "Hot Shop" alerts when new items are featured plus special discounts and promotions. Feel free to “LIKE” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, read our blog at Blogger and tell your friends.


Pedro, The Jalapeño Shopper
Jalapeño Shopper…Bringing You What’s Hot!


I own one of these in the Jade...and I get LOTS of compliments! Love it. It's what's in this summer. Get it!!!

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  1. HOLA!! It's me PEDRO!! Well Lisa on Pedro's behalf and we both LOVE your site and are thrilled to have Stylista Enterprises as a friend. AAAAARRRIIIBAAAA! Much success. xoxo