Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grizel Del Valle

As our classic Madonna would say....Who's that girl? She's upcoming artist, the new sensation in the tropical genre...salsa, bachata, balada...she is IT! How do you describe a ball of fire? Indescribable, irresistible...her amazing energy is contagious. She is a goddess that masterfully decorates your soul with her beautiful instrument- a very powerful voice.  Her music will be stuck in your head all day. There are no words to describe Grizel Del Valle, you just have to see her and hear her for yourself.

Gifted with a beautiful voice, Chachi has appeared as a singer in shows such as "Havana After Dark" and other productions. She also was a cast member of "Celia Cruz - The Musical", and the Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez film "El Cantante". Grizel also graces with her voice, soundtrack for independent film "The Ministers", where she glammed up the red carpet  with her beautiful presence and of course styled from head to toe by Stylista Enterprises (picture below)

Grizel also featured in the new album of  bachata hit sensation JMartin www.jmartinmusic.com joining voices in a very romantic bachata song  "No soy tu Tipo". Stylista Enterprises styled both Grizel Del Valle and Jay Martin for their amazing presentation at Madison Square Garden, NY where JMartin and Grizel gave goosebumps to the audience who clapped and danced throughout the whole performance.

Stylista Enterprises is proud to be responsible for Grizel Del Valle's new image for the release of her upcoming website www.grizeldelvalle.com  and all future performances, album releases, red carpet events and everywhere Grizel del Valle has to go, Stylista Enterprises will be right there with her making sure she shines like the star she is.

Stylista Enterprises is honored to be Grizel Del Valle's glam squad and we would like for you to witness and be part of her growing career as we report to you her every move. You won't want to miss it!

Until then, we leave you with yet another "goosebump" masterful deliverance by our very own Grizel Del Valle. Enjoy!


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