Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stylista Enterprises very own Grizel Del Valle

Getting to know Grizel Del Valle has been a wonderful ride filled with highs, zooms and lots of speed...an adrenaline rush! Her energy is contagious. She's so easy to work with, so transparent, true to herself. Creating an image for Grizel has been a soulful experience. Despite Grizel's youth, the level of maturity in this girl translates into her singing. She's grounded, determined, focused and driven. She's serious about her work...she strives for perfection. But Grizel is also a ball of fire! Dynamic, uplifting, funny and silly at times...tomboyish and yet feminine- earthy, bohemian chic....and flashy, vibrant Hollywood glamour kinda gal. How do you come up with a look that could encompass everything she is?  Hmmm! It wasn't a difficult task. Grizel made it so easy by being her and allowing me to see her true self, her most inner thoughts and dreams, her ups and her lows, everything that makes her the amazing woman that she is. Grizel Del Valle's new look is a visible and tangible image of her soul...and just like her music, you won't be able to get her out of your head.

Stay on the look out for the launching of her website...coming soon www.grizeldelvalle.com

We can't wait to share with you her hot new image!

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